Friday, 28 October 2011

Updated Designe

I think the blog is now ready to be used!
The new designe and the most important content is online...

Tell me what you think about it!
Anything missing or can I improve something?

Also I would like to hear what you guys think about v1.8.4... many downloads and no comments, thats not what I was hoping for :p


  1. Hello friend because I reason my battery goes a long way since I put your cfw??

  2. Hi, The ONE! I find in the version 1.8.4 the applications taking less time to install that v.1.8.2. There's only one thing that bugs me and I don't know if it's problem of the leaked belle, but in the maps the Gps says always " searching location" and never find it, instead with the downgraded scandinavia or symbian anna I don't have this problem. I just ovelooked the settings about locating and they are all. checked. I'll be pleased if you can help understand what's wrong. At the end, just thank you for what you're doing. YOU're The ONE!

  3. I don't think i applied any mod that drains the battery faster... i already disabled some useless services from the background

    so i don't know how to improve the battery life without decreasing the performance...
    any tips would be appreciated:)

    when you say the battery dies faster with my cfw, what firmware does it better?

  4. Hi I haven't used RSS feeds before.
    However I wanted get latest news update about your blog. Is there any plan to subscribe for a newsletter or something like "If there is something new posted on your blog I will come to know automatically?
    This will keep all visitors updated & will absolutely increase the traffic over here.
    Just a thought. :)