Thursday, 10 November 2011

Translations for Nokia Maps

First of all a word about how the maps installer works...
The installer checks what language your phone is using and then only downloads the necessary language files.
That means to extract languages from the latest maps verison i would have to:

flash my phone with "english" -> install maps -> extract the "english" files ->integrate it into my cfw

that process needs to be done for every language... so you see 'till I am done with all languages Nokia maybe already released the next version:)

So to provide you the maps in your nativ language, I am going the easy way.
For my next version, there will be two packages available...

The full english package with maps integrated to rofs2, as you know it from previous versions.
The second package will contain only "core & uda", the translated "rofs2" will be provided by nekeule.

The rofs2 and uda (from the second package) are especially modded by me and won't contain any maps. So you will be able to install it yourself. That means the maps will have the same language as your phone!

The only downside of this solution is, that maps installed by yourself, will go to your c:\ drive... means depending on your language you will have around ~190MB free space left (which is still alot). So the english only version will have a few MB more free space on c:\.

I hope you all agree with me that this is the best solution to have a fully translated phone!

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