Saturday, 3 March 2012

Enable Text under Homescreen Icons

*** Updated: Text under HS-Icons 2.0 ***

I updated this mod to give you the option to add and remove text. That way, the mod makes more sense for other (custom) firmwares and phones.

When you install this mod, you can choose between "add text" and "remove text". Select only one option and install the mod.

Should work on any Symbian Belle phone...

Everything else stays as it was in v1.0


I removed the text under homescreen icons, since this was default for earlier official firmwares and many people like how it looks.

If you prefer your icons with a text label, you can bring it back with an easy sis file installation.

Text under HS-Icons 2.0.sis
(also found in the tools section of my blog)

You can install this file and the text under homescreen icons will be back immediately, if you uninstall this mod the text will be removed again.

Your homescreen settings won't be touched by this, the layout will stay as you set it before.
Restart is not needed, the mod will take effect without it.

This mod will work on my future CFW's as well as on previous ones (also most of the other cfw's and official firmware (if your phone is hacked)).


  1. i really appreciate this mod i really want the text back. but the mediafire link is not working to me when i hit download, it only reloads the page doesn't download. can you please upload a link from rapidshare or anything that would be grateful :) and i flashed v4 it's great.thanks

  2. it's working now -reevs-

  3. I can't install on E6 Belle refresh: wrong certificate error. I enabled "full installation" and "positive cettificate check" with no avail. Could you be so kind to tell me how to install your preciouus mod? Thank you.